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12v Mains UK 2a ac/dc replacement power supply adapter for Philips LFH155

Product Code: 12-2-CP-3210
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  • This is a high quality mains power adapter that works to replace the original power supply that came with your device.

    The connection with housed center pin on this DC adapter fits nicely into this model and provides a very stable 12 volt supply.

    The type of adapter is the switch mode variety which is lightweight and uses the latest technology and machine soldering techniques for maximum reliability.

    We provide 1 year warranty with this power supply, our adapters are own branded and have our website url printed on the label.

    Features:* Short Circuit, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection.
    * Meet CEC Energy Efficiency Level IV.
    * 100% burn in tested.
    * Incredibly low fault rates
    * No minimum load.
    * Powerful 12v 2a 24w max current draw.
    * Wide range 90-264 volt input for world use.
    * Compact size and light weight.
    * High reliability.

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