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5v motorolla monitor mbp-36s parent unit 600ma Uk home power supply adaptor plug

Product Code: micro5v1a-6
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  • A high quality mains 5v output power adapter which works in harmony with this model.

    A power adapters uk branded adapter especially made for devices with the Micro USB this type of connector.

    This model of power supply is durable, reliable and are well proven.

    The build type of adapter is the modern switch mode variety which is lightweight and accurate.

    We provide 1 year warranty with this power supply, our adapters are own branded or a recognised quality brand.

    Technical Specification

    * 5v 1a dc output, works to replace lower amps also like 5v 1a, 5v 0.5a etc
    * Center Positive Connector
    * Power Adapters Uk branded
    * Over voltage protection
    * Ce marked and Rohs Certified parts for quality and safety.
    * 1 year Warranty
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