6v 1000ma 1a mains UK power supply adapter 2.1m x 5.5mm x 10mm dc plug

Product Code: 6-1-2.1-2455
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  • A 6v quality switch mode power supplyáwith a max power ouput of 6v 1a designed to work in harmony with this model.

    This is a new high quality power adapters uk branded power supply with the correct connector size, specification and polarity for this device.


    *Short Circuit, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection.
    *Meet CEC Energy Efficiency Level IV.
    *100% burn in tested.
    *Incredibly low fault rates.
    *No minimum load.
    *6v 1a max current draw.
    *Can be used to replace adapters with lower amp rating , 1a, 0.8a, 0.5, 250ma etc.
    *Wide range 90-264 volt input for world use.
    *High reliability.
    *Regulated Stable Voltage.
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