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Bremshey Orbit HRe Cross Trainer 9v 1a UK quality power supply male 3.5mm

Product Code: 9-1-35audioaT-007
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  • This is a high quality mains power adapter that works to replace lost or broken 9v plugs with the microphone style audio connector.

    The type of adapter is the switch mode variety which is lightweight, accurate and provides stable 9 Volt DC Power supply.

    We provide 1 year warranty with this power supply, our adapters are own branded and have our website url printed on the label.

    These adapters are well built, durable, reliable and are well proven to be trouble free. For versatility and hassle free use we now use a 1.5m long cable on this adapter.

    It will work up to a max demand of 1 amps, but will also replace lower rated power adapters with the same voltage such as 0.75a , 0.5a, 0.3a etc..Specification

    * 1.5m Lead Length
    * Ouput: 9v DC Output
    * Input: 100 - 240v 50/60hz 0.8a
    * Center Positive Connector
    * Power Adapters Uk branded
    * Over voltage protection
    * Ce marked and Rohs Certified parts for quality and safety.
    * 1 year Warranty
    * Short Circuit, Over Voltage and Over Current Protection.
    * Meet CEC Energy Efficiency Level IV.
    * 100% burn in tested.
    * Incredibly low fault rates
    * No minimum load.
    * Wide range 90-264 volt input for world use.
    * Compact size and light weight.
    * High reliability.

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