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Makita BMR100 Site roberts radio 12v car power supply adapter qulaity charger

Product Code: car-12-2-CP-3191
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  • This is a 12v quality car adapter which fits into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle.

    These have been specially manufactured to provide a simple cost effective way of powering this device in the car.

    We have chosen a 2 meter lead length to make it more versatile.

    The in car charger outputs 12v volts and can deliver up to 3 amps of power but will provide the amps required for your device such as 1a, 2a etc. It basically feeds the 12v car battery power into the device providing an effective means of using it in the car via a fuse.

    This adapter is simple, you can change the fuse internally and it is very reliable. It features the correct center pin connector for the listed model.Specification

    * 2m lead length.
    * 12v dc output
    * Led light to show power is on.
    * Center Positive Connector with housed center pin
    * 1 year Warranty
    * Factory fitted Connector

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