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Paslode IM90i P3515 12V Mains AC-DC UK 1.5a Power Supply Adaptor

Product Code: 12-15-3513-007
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  • A high quality mains 12v output uk ac/dc power adapter.

    They are dureable, reliable and are well proven.

    The type of adapter is the switch mode variety which is lightweight and accurate.

    We provide 1 year warranty with this power supply, our adapters are own branded.

    Technical Specification

    * 1.5m lead length.

    * 12v 1.5a (1500ma) dc output

    * Center Positive Connector

    * Power Adapters Uk branded

    * Over voltage protection

    * Ce marked and Rohs Certified parts for quality and safety.

    * 1 year Warranty

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