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Simultalk 24G Headset 9v car Power Adaptor Charger with center positive pin

Product Code: 9-CA-3513-018
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  • This is a 9v Output quality adapter which fits into the cigarette lighter of your car/truck or vehicle of choice.

    These adapters have been carefully manufactured to provide a simple cost effective way of powering your device while travelling. It has been designed with a long 2m lead length for added versatility and is superior quality.

    The charger works using either a 12v or 24v power source from the cigarette lighter socket and outputs 9v volts and can deliver up to 2 amps of power. It turns the power from vehicle battery into a stable 9 volts of power for your gadget.

    Includes a fitted LED light so you can confirm the charger is getting power from the cigarette lighter socket.

    Technical Specification

    * 2m lead length.
    * Stable 9v dc output
    * 2 amp max power
    * Center Positive Connector
    * 1 year Warranty
    * Excellent Quality Construction
    * Power Adapters UK Branded
    * Led light to tell you adapter is working
    * Fits into the cigarette lighter of you car or truck
    * 12v - 24v input

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